About US

Prompted by the burgeoning appeal of the renewable energy sector, we found ourselves compelled to undertake meticulous research and take the lead in pioneering transformative renewable energy endeavors throughout Vietnam.
Vision & Mission
Our vision revolves around the belief that green hydrogen is the future of alternative energy, as well as the global solution to the current energy crisis and climate change predicament.
Better solution, Better life
In this transformative journey, unwavering direction and fervent passion stand as indispensable pillars. At the helm of The Green Solutions Group is Winnie, a visionary Founder & CEO whose exceptional adaptability across diverse business landscapes and adeptness in forging novel strategies are borne from her extensive years of professional tenure across varied industries
Message from Founder and CEO
The green energy is currently a trend that are concerned by the Government, agencies, citizens and the domestic and international media. Following the trend of Green Energy development plans in Vietnam, as well as to contribute to the economy of the country, The Green Solutions has been established since 2016 to be a part of the Green Energy businesses in the region.
Human Resources
Our mission is about making contributions in solving the shortage of energy sources by researching, supplying and implementing  clean energy projects: wind, solar, LNG, and hydrogen