Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy
Date Submitted: 19/05/2024 06:36

    1. Purpose

    The Green Solutions (the Company) has a basic policy on information disclosure to all our team members, business partners and investors, regarding the appropriate disclosure of information concerning our company’s projects.

    2. Basic Policy of Disclosure

    The following is our basic policy when we disclose information.

    Complying with Relevant Laws and Regulations: Comply with relevant laws such as Financial Instruments and Companies Regulations.

    • Timeliness: Disclose without delay any facts found which should be disclosed.
    • Transparency: Always disclose factual information regardless of its content.
    • Accuracy: Disclose necessary and sufficient information without creating misunderstanding.
    • Integrity - Fairness: Disclose information with a consistent content by a method which is equally accessible to our stakeholders, while giving full consideration to prevent any selective disclosure.
    • Continuity: Maintain continuity for information content for disclosure.
    • Confidentiality: No information is to be leaked to a third party before an official disclosure is made.