Message from Founder and CEO

Message from Founder and CEO
Date Submitted:19/05/2024 05:05 AM

    The green energy is currently a trend that are concerned by the Government, agencies, citizens and the domestic and international media. Following the trend of Green Energy development plans in Vietnam, as well as to contribute to the economy of the country, The Green Solutions has been established since 2016 to be a part of the Green Energy businesses in the region.

    Founded in the time when traditional energy source is on the verge of becoming increasingly scarce, The Green Solutions is a convergence of people who are passionate about science and technology, always searching, creating, daring to think and put into application with the goal of bringing solutions to apply the most advanced technologies in the field of renewable energy in Vietnam.

    In order to apply the most advanced technology, we always accompany our partners, investors and products manufactured and integrated by the Company.

    Furthermore, with our professional team and experienced experts’ support, we are always confident to bring the modernest technologies to the market.

    With the slogan: “Better solution, Better life”, we are always aware of the benefits of customers coming from innovative solutions that is the Company's existence. Therefore, we constantly launch high quality products that are converged by the most advanced technologies to contribute to the development of green energy and environmental protection that is being pursued worldwide.